July 25th  - Rochester, NY

TBA soon!

We'll have a special show in store!!

July 8th  - Pittsburgh area

Outdoor concert series somewhere :-)

June 6th  - Darress Theatre - Boonton, NJ

We return to a fun theater, in a cool town!!!


July 17th  - Charlotte, NC

TBA soon!

           Dead Letter Office

International Tribute to R.E.M.

​Upcoming Shows:

July 16th  - Cleveland, OH

TBA soon!

October 9th  - Tally Ho Theater - Leesburg, VA

We had a great time here in 2019!

We'll hit up a bunch of material we didn't get

to last time.

Tickets $15-$35

July 18th  - Athens, GA

TBA soon!

Make the Pilgrimage to Athens with us!! 

We'll try to get some hotel specials lined up