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Dead Letter Office has dedicated themselves to faithfully reproducing the music and energy of a live R.E.M. show. Since 2014, they've been thrilling audiences throughout the U.S. & Canada, providing a show that's been sorely missed since R.E.M called it quits. 

Not only do they perform R.E.M.'s major hits, but they also dive deep into their catalog to please the die-hard fans!  They're the only R.E.M. tribute band to have members of R.E.M. perform with them (Mike Mills joining them on stage in Buffalo NY....and Peter Buck joining them on stage at Clusterfest in San Francisco!!).

Based out of Western New York, Dead Letter Office is now booking shows (including festivals, concert series, private parties, etc.) worldwide!

"[An] excellent R.E.M. tribute band."   - Rob Sheffield, Contributing Writer, Rolling Stone

The fans have spoken......

"If you closed your eyes you would believe that Michael Stipe, Mike Mills, Peter Buck, and Bill Berry were playing right in front of you." - Kevin Cassella

"Just uncanny how much the singer sounded like Stipe." - Eric Cholminski

"You guys were terrific, nothing short of mesmerizing. I'll be first in line for your return                           show!!" - Patton Biddle (R.E.M.'s sound man in early days)

Some of these great photos provided by GMac Photography

Others byKO Photography

Thank you NYC!! You are always good to us!!

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North America's premiere R.E.M. tribute

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           Dead Letter Office

International Tribute to R.E.M.

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“ the greatest R.E.M. tribute band of all time” -Scott Auckerman (Comedy Bang! Bang!) and                 Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation). Hosts of the RU Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME? Podcast

“[The] greatest R.E.M. tribute band is called Dead Letter Office, and they rule. If they come to your town, go.”   -Patrick Hosken (@patrickhosken)    @MTVNews   @Stereogum   @Billboard